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Health Diagnostics

to amplifai senses for a healthier tomorrow

Key Features


Consistent and objective assessments

Rapid Detection

Real-time anomaly identification to ensure timely care

Cost Efficiency

Bringing down diagnostic costs while elevating efficiency


Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we offer tools to amplify health diagnostics. Our solution seamlessly combines the convenience of portable thermal cameras with the precision of computer vision technology.

For Healthcare Professionals

Why Choose amplifAI?

● Improve patient outcomes through precise early detection.

● Enhance efficiency in foot assessments, ensuring comprehensive care.

● Streamline integration into existing healthcare infrastructure.

For Investors

Join the Future of Healthcare

The healthcare diagnostic landscape is ripe for disruption. With amplifAI, you're not just investing in a company; you're investing in the future of global healthcare. Starting with our impactful work in diabetic foot care, we aim to expand our AI platform to various conditions, tapping into an ever-growing market.

Opportunities Ahead

● Expanding the suite of conditions our platform can diagnose.

● Potential partnerships with global healthcare leaders.

● Market leadership in AI-driven healthcare diagnostics.

Diabetic Foot Ulcer
Case Study

Every 20 seconds, a limb is amputated globally


Diabetes mellitus and its complications, such as diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs), continue to rise despite medical advancements.

Current Tools

Existing tools for detecting DFU have limited scalability in terms of time efficiency and practicality, leading to high recurrence rates and lower limb amputation

Our Platform's Impact

● Demonstrated superior precision and speed in diabetic foot evaluations.

Showcased potential to reduce limb loss and improve patient outcomes compared to existing tools


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Whether you're in healthcare, an investor, or passionate about next generation diagnostics, let's connect and shape the future of health  together

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